Plautus The Comedies Volume II Complete Roman Drama in

Plautus The Comedies Volume II Complete Roman Drama in Translation The works of Plautus writes Palmer Bovie mark the real beginning of Roman literature In these lively new translations which effectively communicate the vitality and verve of the originals the plays of Plautus are accessible to a new generationPlays and translatorsVolume 1 Amphitryon Constance Carrier Miles Gloriosus Erich Segal Captivi Richard Moore Casina Richard Beacham Curculio Henry TaylorVolume 2 Rudens Constance Carrier Aulularia Palmer Bovie Bacchides James Tatum Mercator George Garrett Truculentus James Tatum

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    I picked up Plautus because it was recommended by the lecturer in an audiobook series I had been listening to He likened the Early Roman works by Plautus to the Situation Comedies of the ancient world And I don't think I could give a better descriptionAs someone who hasn't read a lot of ancient plays I think these plays serve as a good introduction It's interesting to think about what the ancients laughed about such as slaves getting the better of their masters They're fun and easy to follow and you don't have to worry about any deep intellectual themesThat doesn't mean that everything is fine and dandy by contemporary standards For example in the pre action of Mercator or The Merchant the title character falls in love with a girl while on a business trip for his father So what does he do? Well in the world of Plautus he buys her of course In other words the plays in this collection all have something to do with prostitutes perhaps becoming the virtual master of their customers or even casual attitudes towards sexual slavery While it is insightful concerning the time of the plays I'm sure this would bother some modern readers

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    You can find my general thoughts about Plautus here The Rope – This play of reconciliation and reunion reminds me of Shakespeare’s late plays – especially The Tempest A storm starts the plot unfolding and a daughter is reunited with her father a husband is found slaves are freed etc Otherwise this play is moderately entertaining but not a must read There is an interesting interlude by a fisherman about the struggles of the poor

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