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Learn Her Wrath From the author of the “raw, ingenious, and utterly fearless” Wendy Walker, USA TODAY bestselling author Temper comes a dynamic psychological thriller about two women who give bad men exactly what they deserveScarlett Clark is an exceptional English professor But she’s even better at getting away with murder Every year, she searches for the worst man at Gorman University and plots his welldeserved demise Thanks to her meticulous planning, she’s avoided drawing attention to herself—but as she’s preparing for her biggest kill yet, the school starts probing into the growing body count on campus Determined to keep her enemies close, Scarlett insinuates herself into the investigation and charms the woman in charge, Dr Mina Pierce Everything’s going according to her master plan…until she loses control with her latest victim, putting her secret life at risk of exposure Meanwhile, Gorman student Carly Schiller is just trying to survive her freshman year Finally free of her emotionally abusive father, all Carly wants is to focus on her studies and fade into the background Her new roommate has other ideas Allison Hadley is cool and confident—everything Carly wishes she could be—and the two girls quickly form an intense friendship So when Allison is sexually assaulted at a party, Carly becomes obsessed with making the attacker payd turning her fantasies about revenge into a reality Featuring Layne Fargo’s trademark “propulsive writing style” Kirkus Reviews and “sinister, of the moment” Chicago Review of Books suspense, They Never Learn is a feminist serial killer story perfect for fans of Killing Eve and Chelsea Cain

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    Holy crap...what in the actual hell did I just read? No, really?! WOW. This was a page turner that is for sure! If you like edgy, dark and twisted with a bit of snarky humor- here you go!

    Scarlett is a killer. In fact she has been killing for the past 16 years. She has it down to a science. She has never been questioned and certainly never caught. What the heck is her secret? Okay guys Scarlett only picks dudes that deserve it...well in her mind. Vigilante or sociopath? I am going to go with sociopath. As the rage builds in her year after year, she picks her victim out, she plans, stalks them and then goes in for the kill. Then wipes her hands clean and is off to teach English. I must admit this woman scares me a little...

    We also follow along in the life Carly Schiller a student at Gorman. Carly becomes a bit obsessed with her roommate Allie. Her obsession leads her into a world that can't be unseen. A tangled web is woven- I will just leave it right there as not to spoil it for you.

    I loved the dark, twisted plot. However wrong it was, it actually made me laugh a couple times because Scarlett had some snarky thoughts that were just fantastic. Will her luck run out after 16 years of killing? To quote the killer herself- she has spent 16 years murdering men and she is not about to get sloppy now! You go Scarlett! I think...

    Thank you so much to Gallery/Scout Press for this ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review!

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    Every time life events conspired over the past few days to keep me from turning the pages of this book all I could think about was when I could race back and get my next hit.

    So compulsively addicting and so well-written were Fargo's characters that even now I cannot stop thinking about them.

    I hesitate to say too much but fans of My Lovely Wife, Jane Doe, Heartsick and other twisty, delicious thrillers have found their next read.

    You won't want to miss this one, Scarlett is e'rythang!

    Thank you to the publisher for gifting me a copy!

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    “He wasn’t afraid of me…That was his first mistake.”

    They Never Learn is a dark and devious psychological thriller about a female professor who murders men who have committed unspeakable acts of abuse against women.

    Two women at Gorman University, one a student, the other a professor, are united in bringing down the perpetrators of sexual assault.

    Carly is a shy and awkward, college freshman. She is scared to open up and let people know the real her. Struggling to fit in, while at the same time trying to navigate the dynamics of a new friendship, she finds herself in the dangerous and unsettling territory.

    Scarlett is well-respected in her field, confident, and extremely intelligent. While others on campus remain silent about sexual assault and misconduct amongst students and faculty, Scarlett takes action and murders the men who are guilty of such crimes. Killing for her is an intense ritual that empowers, compels, and drives her. When someone starts to take a closer look at campus “suicides,” she begins to fear her crimes will be exposed.

    Scarlett and Carly’s stories are very different, and it is not obvious how they relate until about halfway into the book. At a certain moment, their stories converge and all becomes clear. Chapters alternate between Scarlett's and Carly's perspectives. The reader knows early on who Scarlett is and what she does, but we don’t know what motivates her. Her story reveals what led her to this point. Carly is a mess, and her story feels messy. But all comes together in the end.

    They Never Learn is a sharp, intense, and refreshing read. I loved Scarlett’s character. She is a killer, but it is easy to root for her. Her cold and calculating demeanor had me on edge. Watching how she usurps the power of those who have brutally taken the power of their victims was exhilarating. One should be horrified by Scarlett’s crimes, but given the acts her victims committed, watching them die was beyond satisfying.

    “Killing a man is so much more satisfying than fucking a man could ever be.”

    I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and Gallery Books in exchange for an honest review.

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    Scarlett Clark, a Gorman University English professor, is good at everything she does. Cool, confident, planning everything down to the letter, rarely a misstep, there is nothing that she can't do, when she puts her mind to it. That includes murdering men who she deems deserving of a well planned and fitting death. She's killed many men over the years and she's planning her biggest and most personal kill of all just as her school is looking into all the suicides that have taken place over the years. Suicides that weren't really suicides but instead, some of Scarlett's handiwork, as she cleans up the world, ridding it of men who prey on women.

    We also meet Gorman freshman Carly Schiller, finally getting to leave home and get away from her emotionally abusive father. Carly is introverted, mousy, shy, and she's been assigned a room with popular, outgoing Allison Hadley. When Carly sees Allison being sexually assaulted while unconscious, Carly is determined to do something about it, despite the school officials brushing off the incident. Carly's sense of justice brings out the worst (or maybe the best) in her, as she takes matters into her own hands.

    At about halfway into the book, these two stories merge and we begin to understand more how Scarlett and Carly make their mark on the campus. If only the men of Gorman knew that women were avenged, behind the scenes, they would be on their best behavior. Not much gets past Scarlett and Carly in this wickedly clever novel. 

    Expected publication: October 13th 2020

    Thank you to Gallery Books/Scout Press and NetGalley for this ARC. 

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    Well, this is How to Get Away with murder meets Unbelievable waltz with a little “13 reasons why” and we have kickass punisher/vigilante/ #metoo movement follower English professor Scarlett Clark: reminds us of Black Widow (she didn’t get married but the men should beware! Because she is ready to bring justice to the bullies, rapists, stalkers, weirdos!), a good kind of serial-punisher! Don’t worry, she doesn’t choose students to commit murders for her like Annalise Keating had done and help them to get away with it. She works alone and she chooses the real scumbags, the worst predators at her list.

    She’s committing these cold blooded murders for years and she really knows how not to get any attention and how to misguide the law officers: Never leaves a trace, DNA any clue, distorting the crime scenes and deceives the officers the nature of murders.

    Now she is working at the Gorman University and she already punished a rapist student by poisoning him and made the entire people think he killed himself. Now she is focused on her big prize: Professor Alex Kinnear, his pretentious nemesis, womanizer, cheater, stealing his colleagues’ longtime works and getting credit from them. But she’s in trouble because Dr. Mina Pierce, ex-wife of Alex starts her own investigation because she finds the suicide patterns at the campus so suspicious and she works on a list consisted of Scarlett’s most of the victims. Could she find any clue directly point at her?

    In the meantime, we’re introduced the second narrator: Carly Schiller, 18 years old, introvert, quirky, having problems with her dysfunctional family, hating her cheater dad, trying to keep her head above the water throughout her freshman year. She also attends Alex’s classes who encourages her creative writing and shows her friendly attention. Carly’s decision to lay low and live in the shadows changes when she find out her roommate Allison she had a long time crush was sexually assaulted at the party. Now it’s time for her sharpen her nails, clenching her fists and seeing red. She wants justice. Could the silent and shy girl turn into a mean avenger to help her roommate?

    In the middle of the book, there is a twist I saw it at the beginning but it is still good one. The way of the narrators’ stories’ interception is also well written, smart and satisfying. This book is about brave women who deserve better life and who fight for taking the control of her their destiny. Even though most of the characters seem like vicious, violent and having sociopathic tendencies, you find yourself chant for their cause because it could happen to you! It could happen to your best friend, your own child and any other woman whose lives were ruined by the lack of evidence and common hypocrisy at the justice system.

    Overall: Even though all the women characters at the book were a little terrifying and the method of their justice was a little argumentative, it was fast pacing, smart, entertaining , thought provoking reading with lovely queer representation. I’m giving my 4 brave, moving, riveting stars and looking forward to read more works of Layne Fargo! I couldn’t put this book down all night long!

    Special thanks to NetGalley and Gallery/Scout Press for sharing this unputdownable ARC with me in exchange my honest review.


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    A female vigilante serial killer. One who makes her own final justice on behalf of women that have been abused, assaulted and raped. She's gotten away with killing bad men for over a decade! Until now, as she makes a rash decision and comes as close as she's ever been to being caught.

    Absolutely loved this revenge filled story with a strong confident female lead. It was compelling, intelligent and well written. The story telling was excellent and used 2 alternating POVs, which helped the author deliver a fabulous job of character development.

    4.5 stars!

    *Thank you to Simon & Schuster via Edelweiss+ for providing a digital review copy!

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    I knew by the 10% point that this would be a 5 star book for me!

    So, let's set the mood, so you can settle in for this unputdownable read!

    First, pour yourself a glass of ruby colored wine...🍷

    Then, get on YouTube and listen to the Karen Kamon song Manhunt from the classic 1983 film Flashdance-particularly the chorus...

    (if you don't already have the words memorized, as I do....)😳

    I'm goin on a manhunt, turn it around
    Women have been hunted, now they're huntin' around
    Manhunt, we all got the need
    The one that's been waitin' has taken the lead

    I'm goin' on a manhunt-I'm out for a kill!

    Now, open your book, and meet Scarlett Clark, an exceptional English professor, with flaming red hair and an even more fiery temper!

    Every year she selects the WORST man on Gorman campus and meticulously plans his demise.

    Too bad, They Never Learn and keep repeating their mistakes!

    This song could've been written for Scarlett-and, I loved her!❤️

    But, she isn't the only one at Gorman who has had enough of the male species there.

    When Carly Schiller's roommate, Allison is sexually assaulted at a party, she too, becomes obsessed with making someone pay. Although Scarlett's chapters were definitely my favorite, Carly's are engaging too.

    The narratives alternate, the pace is fast, and the humor is snarky! (my favorite kind!)

    But one woman, may have just gotten sloppy, putting her secret life at risk of exposure..

    If you miss the HBO show-Dexter, or enjoyed My Lovely Wife, Jane Doe (#1), Best Day Ever, or The Other Mrs. Miller”- then this one is for you!!

    A big Thank You to the publisher, Gallery/Scout Press for the digital ARC I received in exchange for a candid review!

    This title will be available on Oct. 13, 2020!
    Mark your calendars!

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    They Never Learn is a feminist serial killer story perfect for fans of Killing Eve and Chelsea Cain.


    *Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy.

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    Five Star Learning Curve

    Some men just don’t get it. Some don’t want to.

    These men aren’t aware until it’s too late that a permanent tutorial will be administered because of their continued misdeeds against women.

    Taught by Professor Scarlett Clark, only the misogynistic and vile are recipients of her special lessons and they don’t live long enough to pass along their newly acquired knowledge.

    Being cunning, devious, and working the long game has kept Scarlett from being uncovered for who she is: a psychopathic serial killer.

    Whether she can continue to get away with it is the question.

    I loved this book! If you like bold, smart, and crafty women, this has a trio to cheer for and I was rooting for all three.

    What can I say - I liked Scarlett - murderer that she was. The unique premise of a female violent killer as opposed to a male (as is the norm) was appreciated.

    Heads up for sexuality. Some don’t like to mix their thrillers with sex so I thought I’d mention it.

    Thank you to Edelweiss, Simon and Schuster, and Layne Fargo for my advance review copy.

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    “A smile spreads across my lips, even colder than the snow.

    You’re next, motherf***er.”

    I couldn’t help but hoot as I read this line in the EXCELLENT, unputdownable murder thriller THEY NEVER LEARN.

    Scarlett is a college professor who kills men at the University she teaches at...men who, in her mind, deserve it for doing terrible things to women. Everything is fine until her latest kill spins wildly out of control and causes more people to probe into the deaths at the college.

    In alternating chapters, Carly is a freshman at the university who quickly becomes friendly with her roommate, Allison, her total opposite. Allison likes to go out, drink, flirt, and generally have a good time. After Allison is sexually assaulted at a party, Carly can’t stop her dark thoughts of making the attacker pay for what he’s done.

    This book is bloody, violent, somewhat disturbing, and extremely entertaining. I was blown away by author Layne Fargo’s ability to etch out the characters so well and keep me intrigued at every chapter. There’s plenty of unsuspecting twists that tie everything together, and you will not want to stop reading as you get deeper and deeper into this dark story. This surpasses Fargo’s debut novel, TEMPER, by far.

    Thank you to Gallery/Scout Press, Layne Fargo, and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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