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Infernal (Shadow Guild: Hades Persephone, #1) A dark god rises, and a goddess to meet himAs a librarian in the most gorgeous library in the world, I'm living my book nerd dreams The hallowed halls are my haven, until the specter of a dark god begins to haunt my days and nightsWhen he kidnaps me, the lethally beautiful god gains a name: Hades That should make me Persephone, but I’m no goddess So why does he want me?While I'm trapped in his castle, I set out to discover what his deadly plans entail When I learn what he wants me for, I'll do whatever it takes to escape, including seducing the brooding dark god Yet there’s to him than I realized More to us Despite the cracks that I put in his armor, he still wants me for a darker purposesomething that would bring about the end of the world

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    Can't wait to read this! Love the Hades myths

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