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Catch a Wave Now the subject of the movie Love Mercy,starring John Cusack Brian Wilson was the visionary behind America s most successful and influential rock band And as the leader of the Beach Boys, he sold 100 million records, produced Pet Sounds, and built a catalog of songs that continues to define the sound and feel of American popular music He also became one of the culture s most mysterious and tragic figures But after spending years lost in a wilderness of despair, Wilson has fought his way back to productivity And now with teh release of Smile the masterwork that nearly undid him he has returned to music s center stage.Now Peter Ames Carlin, who conducted in depth, exclusive interviews with dozens of sources and listened to hundreds of hours of unreleased studio recordings and live music, tells a uniquely American story of the band, the music, and the culture the Beach Boys both sang about and helped create Carlin brings a fan s passion, a seasoned journalist s objectivity, and a cultural critic s insight to his subject, and the result is a magesterial and authoritative account of the Beach Boys visionary figure, who has emerged into a new era of creativity.

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