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Brave New Knits Brave New Knits by Julie Turjoman cofounder of Ravelrycom is the first book to celebrate the convergence of traditional hand knitting and modern technology The Internet has made it possible for the knitting community to connect through photos pattern sharing and blogs that document the knitting projects and passions of dozens of designers and enthusiasts With a Foreword written by Jessica Marshall Forbes co founder of Ravelrycom Brave New Knits includes 26 must have garment and accessory patterns all gorgeously photographed by knitting celebrity Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed Contributors range from established designers like Norah Gaughan Wendy Bernard Anne Hanson and knitgrrl Shannon Okey to rising stars such as Melissa Wehrle Connie Chang Chinchio and Hilary Smith Callis In depth interviews with the designers reveal their design philosophy and passions From shapely sweaters and delicate shawls to fingerless gloves and stylish hats each of the knitted designs features detailed directions and charts to inspire both the beginner and experienced knitter I bought the Kindle version of this book because I was mainly interested in the designer bios so than the patterns It's a really nice collection and I enjoyed reading about how each of the individuals featured came to be knit designers I can think of enough other popular knit bloggers that would make a wonderful Volume 2 for this Interestingly but not all together unexpectedly almost every bio sang the praises of Ravelry as being instrumental to their successes In that way the book may have been about individual designers but it was just as much a love story so to speak for Jess Casey's brain child Personally I'd have enjoyed reading a chapter about them as well There are some amazing projects from big name designers here This book exceeded my expectations I think it's because of the use of blogosphere in the subtitle Editors get rid of blogosphere Who says that? To my surprise my local public library acuired this book Their craft book budget has plummeted to nearly nothing over the past couple of years I made sure to check it out right away and then renew it to communicate interest And because I wasn't done with it yetThis book features 26 short essays about prominent knit bloggers as well as a pattern from each I uite enjoyed reading the pieces Some were about knitters I know a lot about Anne Hanson Clara Parkes and others were new to me I'll be adding some blogs to my feed reader The patterns are a potluck mix of garments and accessories There are several photographs of each item so generally you can get a good look at it though I noticed one hemline is not falling properly and is mostly cropped out of the picture My only criticism is that the garment photo usually falls on the second page of the pattern so you have to flip back and forth when looking at the basic info like specified yarn needle size techniue etcSprinkled among the pages are definitions of knitblog jargon I didn't find any surprises here but these would be helpful and informative for a new knitter to get up to speed on the lingo and may be fascinating to knitters reading this 50 years henceWill I be making anything from this book? Hmmm I like Jared Flood's Woodsmoke Scarf which is a simple garter stitch rectangle with a pleasing lace border in a slightly contrasting yarn I'm oddly drawn to Kirsten Kapur's Sockstravaganza which features a busy mix of techniues that work well together stranded knitting and cables these are the socks on the cover by the way Clara Parkes' Foxgloves are simple and sweet fingerless mitts though I was surprised that she used a 100% merino wool knowing that one of her chief goals is to educate knitters about other breeds of sheep maybe that was an editor's call? Clara's mitts would make a thoughtful uick gift And if I wanted to make a lace scarf Kathy Veeza's Lubov Scarf is a nice one that uses geometric patterns than floral ones which are so common in lace I like to collect patterns about as much as I like to collect pretty yarns pretty beads pretty paper well pretty anything really so I couldn't believe my luck when Rodale Books offered the digital version of Brave New Knits through NetGalley for reviewers I'm thinking teehee it's sooo good to do reviews Yum yum another good treat More on that laterThe Brave part of the title is that it has a short bio on several of wwwRavelrycoms pioneers and then an original pattern from each designer They were a bit ahead of their time in that they had the foresight to use modern technology of the web with the ancient fiberart Very smart ladies wouldn't you say? This part of Brave New Knits was a very enjoyable readI couldn't wait to get hold of this gem but little did I realize that the ebook would be laid out the way it is It's basically a draft of the book uncorrected in soooo many ways In fact I've not been able to actually review any of the patterns There are no photos of any of the items near the area of it's pattern so if you want to see what the item looks like you have to write down what page you're reading hunt through the back of the book where the pictures are then flip back to where the pattern is Remember I just reading it not trying to follow an actual pattern When you do get to the pictures they are blurred This was sooo disappointing as you can imagine but as a dear friend says it is what it isAnother big disappointment is the sizes offered within the patterns With America having the most obese folks myself included on the planet why are our knit books not adjusted to that? Now I have heartburnI really don't like doing a non positive reviewa knit book shouldn't do this to me It should lift my spirits

  • Paperback
  • 242 pages
  • Brave New Knits
  • Julie Turjoman
  • English
  • 16 June 2016
  • 9781605295909

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