Blackwells Wrath The Vadelah Chronicles #3 Epub Í The

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    Another great book in the Vadelah Chronicles series Science Fiction from a solidly Christian perspective A rare findMore exciting action and suspence as David returns to Earth to stop the SIRIUS project The author keeps you guessing what will happen next Many twists and turns in the plot But still fun to read over and overNot available on Order it from wwwVadelahChroniclescomYou won't be disappointed

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    The best book in the series so far After coming home to Earth to figure out what is up with the strange number of enemy stations stationed around the forbidden human home planet David and Panagyra find out some very interesting news about their human friends I especially enjoyed the parts where David was being grilled by the detective and when evil Darius Blackwell was having a tough time defending the theory of evolution against the smart phantera Panagyra A must read If I could give it six stars I would

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    The third book and a conclusion of sorts to the beginning of the Vadelah Chronicles this book has some of the most engaging outer space shoot em ups and fight scenes As different aliens and humans interact it is amazing to see the Christian world view continue to play out

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    new to me

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    Started off a little rocky but got better around the middle and ended strong Really digging this uniue series Ready for Book #4

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Blackwells Wrath The Vadelah Chronicles #3 Book 3 in the Vadelah Chronicles seriesScience Fiction from a Christian perspectiveDavid and Gyra must return to face a nightmare Earth They tremble at the pronouncement but Rammar the Prophet has spoken only David can sever Earth’s secret link with the dangerous mel naharam and Gyra must help himWho are the humans involved on Earth How will David stop the contact Will he come out alive David doesn’t know But Rammar has warned that David will suffergreatly

  • Paperback
  • 232 pages
  • Blackwells Wrath The Vadelah Chronicles #3
  • Julie Rollins
  • English
  • 23 March 2016

About the Author: Julie Rollins

I was born and raised in sunny Southern California as the youngest of four daughters I climbed trees shot arrows into the hillside and rode bikes on the dirt trails typical tomboy stuff My father worked hard as a doctor while my mom took a break from being a nurse and stayed home to raise us My parents were very supportiveGrade school and junior high however were very difficult for me My