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Little House in the Big Woods Based on the real life adventures of Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House in the Big Woods is the first book in the award winning Little House series which has captivated generations of readers This edition features the classic black and white artwork from Garth WilliamsLittle House in the Big Woods takes place in 1871 and introduces us to four year old Laura who lives in a log cabin on the edge of the Big Woods of Wisconsin She shares the cabin with her Pa her Ma her sisters Mary and Carrie and their lovable dog JackPioneer life isn’t easy for the Ingalls family since they must grow or catch all their own food as they get ready for the cold winter But they make the best of every tough situation They celebrate Christmas with homemade toys and treats do their spring planting bring in the harvest in the fall and make their first trip into town And every night safe and warm in their little house the sound of Pa’s fiddle lulls Laura and her sisters into sleepThe nine books in the timeless Little House series tell the story of Laura’s real childhood as an American pioneer and are cherished by readers of all generations They offer a uniue glimpse into life on the American frontier and tell the heartwarming unforgettable story of a loving family

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    Stuck at home? Got some time on your hands? Want to start a long series? But you don't want a dud?Then I have some suggestions for youCheck out this booktube video all about which series are worth your time and which ones aren't Thanks for watching and happy reading Check Out the Written Review You don't need magic to make a series magicalFour year old Laura Ingalls Wilder lives with her Ma Pa and sisters Mary Carrie in a little house in the big woods of Wisconsin in 1871We follow a year in the life of Laura from celebrating Christmas to the fall harvest The Ingalls family is always bustling about and preparing for the next season There very survival depends on their cooperation In the winter we watch them make maple sugar in spring they plant the garden the summer they play in the fields and fall they gather their ccrops From corn husk dolls to pig roasts to sugaring off parties they are busy busy busy The barrels of salted fish were in the pantry and yellow cheeses were stacked on the pantry shelves Despite the tough circumstances they always make it work with Ma's gentle guidance and Pa's happy fiddle She was glad that the cozy house and Pa and Ma and the firelight and the music were now They could not be forgotten she thought because now is now It can never be a long time ago For a series written so long ago and geared towards young children this holds so wellAll the little details make this story come alive Every time I go back to this story I am just as enraptured and enthralled as I was when I was a little girl All activities seem so different from the commonplace childhood memories I haveand yet I identified so closely with Laura when I was youngerI couldn't have been the only kid wishing our attic was filled with preserves or wanting to roast a pig tail I'll even admit I wanted to kick around the ol' pig bladder just to see what it was likeThe love and friendship and happiness Laura experiences along with the harsh and hungry winters truly makes for a wonderful story The little tales from Pa brings this book to life and Ma's gentle nurturing firmly holds together the family Every time I read this series I think about my own family And give my Ma and Pa a call But Laura lay awake a little while listening to Pa’s fiddle softly playing and to the lonely sound of the wind in the Big Woods Audiobook CommentsNarrated by Cherry Jones and accompanied on the fiddle by Paul Woodielv Paul gave life to Pa's songs and Cherry truly made this audiobook a masterpiece Loved every word of itYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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    I started rereading this series because of John Scieszka's bizarre hatred of Little House on the Prairie In attempting the perfectly noble task of getting young boys to read Scieszka has continuously heaped scorn on that book banishing it to the girl ghetto of the Sweet Valley High and American Girls series Putting aside the unfair comparison to syndicate titles published for purely commercial reasons his assesment of Little House as a book purely for girls is infuriatingFor one thing gender segregated reading rubs me the wrong way For another thing these books contain aspects that any child might enjoy There's farming hunting construction cooking locust plagues wolf packs riots blizzards tragedy hope family hard work preserverance horses dogs railroads envy loss and triumph Ignore the sugary sweet insipid television series these books are genuine and engaging

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    Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder is a story that tells of Laura’s early childhood and upbringing in Wisconsin during the 1870s Readers learn how her family had to live and survive in a little log cabin during pioneer times In some ways life seems much simpler during this time period but the hard work that was necessary to survive had to be arduous Either you grew a garden and hunted or you didn’t eat You chopped wood or didn’t have heat for the hard frosty winters There wasn’t much entertainment available or toys to play with Children had daily chores that had to be done Because Laura’s family are devout Christians Sunday’s are reserved for church and Bible and nothing else There were strict rules I think young readers will be fascinated comparing what life was like then to how they live now This book was extremely thought provoking to me It conjured up thoughts from the past and present making me think of the differences between my upbringing in the city compared to rural country living now When we moved over a decade ago I had visions of becoming a homesteader until I was thrust into the harsh realities of raising animals for food I learned really uick that I lacked something others around me didn’t the capability to kill an animal that you nurtured and cared for My first visit to the backyard butcher was like culture shock That day my distant neighbor who’s a homesteader made the comment that my generation will never survive Obviously when it comes down to survival people will do what they have to in contrast to our day and age now where it’s so convenient to just head to the supermarket and grab some meat that someone else processed or produce someone else grew In this book they’re hunting mainly wild deer but they do have pigs that the children care for The story gets uite graphic—sharing the preparation of the meat after hunting Obviously I’m not a hunter either but what if it came down to surviving and the need to feed my family without farmers? These are just some of the thoughts that came to mind when reading this with my children Overall we enjoyed this story and have plans to finish the entire series I always admire themes of family and kindness and the love this family shares is something special Times spent singing and listening to Pa’s fiddle by the fire were my favorites The children do find ways to have fun during their chores which is nice It’s such a cozy tale at times written well with beautiful descriptions and one we’ll likely revisit in the future If you’re reading this with children I highly recommend the audio companion to the book by Cherry Jones We used it along with the physical books Cherry does a wonderful job with the audio and even sings along It really brings the story to life4

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    My two younger daughters recently discovered the Little House series and are speeding through the books this summer As I am in between books and wanted to avoid a reading rut I decided to revisit the first book in the series for myself As I am always on the lookout for uality children's books I spent a few hours rereading the beginning of a series that I had enjoyed when I was my daughters' age Little House in the Big Woods begins the classic children's saga that follows Laura Ingalls Wilder on her journey from childhood to marriage It features a wide eyed five year old girl who has her entire future ahead of her at a thrilling time in American history as the country has moved past the civil war and is starting to settle the west Ingalls was born in 1867 in the big woods of Wisconsin She lives with her parents and sisters Mary and Carrie in a log cabin in the middle of the woods and has rarely traveled anywhere other than to visit her grandparents and aunts uncles and cousins The woods and all that was in it made up her entire life Even if the country was beginning to modernize and we glimpse it with the horse powered threshing machine toward the end the industrial revolution had yet to come to Wisconsin The Ingalls family lived according to the seasons of the year was a devout Christian family and each member of the family worked from morning to night doing their share of chores Pa hunted and farmed while Ma cooked baked and sewed the entire family's clothing from scratch Mary and Laura were expected to do their share of chores as well including helping with the dishes and basic needlepoint and cross stitch Both girls were model citizens who children of today could learn many lessons from especially in obeying their parents and knowing to be seen and not heard The edition I read is the collectors edition illustrated by Garth Williams Williams had illustrated over one hundred books for children including the classic Charlotte's Web His illustrations bring Laura's life to life as readers see her dancing at her grandpa's barn dance going into town and her daily life throughout the year Williams met an adult Ingalls and traveled to all of her homes in order to view first hand how she lived I felt the illustrations were vital as children are reading about a different era in history and illustrations can assist them on their journey through time Even an adult can benefit from viewing color illustrations as they can once again become captivated by a series they read as children As an elementary aged student my favorite series was All of a Kind Family I had much in common with the girls in the story and reread times than I could count Yet Little House was easily a close second as I was and am a lover of history and enjoyed reading about a girl and her family in an earlier part of my nation's history I am glad my daughters have discovered this series as we can share our memories of it as they continue Laura and her family's journey through life

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    Another classic read with the kidsI think as we get into an era where kids don’t know a time without computers and easily accessible technology books like Little House in the Big Woods will start to appeal less to the young crowd Listening to stories of pioneer life is so far removed from what they know it is at times incomprehensible At least when I was a kid we were not all that far removed from a simpler and less wired lifestyle I do think my kids enjoyed the time we took to read this together but it was much less easier for them to stay interested in than in some other books we read Willy Wonka and his fantastic factory and elevator Bunnicula the vampire rabbit Ralph and his Motorcycle which also had some old timey content that was a bit hard to connect to but nothing like Little House I will continue to read to them and hope to keep the spirit of these classics aliveI know that this was the second time reading this I vividly remember the cover as the same one from elementary school But before I re read it it would have been impossible for me to tell you anything about it However as our family got into it I noticed some of the parts were very familiar Apparently I had retained a lot of the content but my brain hadn’t filed it with any point of reference I kept looking at my wife and kids while I was reading and saying “Hey I remember this”But I am also pretty sure that this is the only book I read in the series I never moved on to Little House on the Prairie and I never watched the television show Maybe this time I will move on to the second book with my family Seems like I really must at some point to get the full feel of this classic seriesOne major thing to point out about the first book that stood out to me and is not really a criticism it just is what it is – is that there is not a whole lot of plot The point of the book is that each chapter shares a little bit of what life was like for the children while living through the year secluded in the big woods So instead of a beginning middle and end you get a series of detailed anecdotes about some aspect of life in the cabin I would be interested to know if that is how the rest of the series is as wellThis selection is worth checking out – especially if you are looking for something easy to read with the kidsDisclaimer Freuently as of late books and movies have been putting disclaimers on content with dated cultural depictions While Little House in the Big Woods does seem sweet and innocent there is a song sung by the father with racial slurs I am sure it was representative of what was acceptable at the time but I wanted to make sure that anyone who might be sensitive to this know about it up front

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    The Little House on the Prairie books bring back so many good memories I have been looking for my box of old books for awhile now but still haven't found it I'm really hoping it didn't get lost when I moved last year There are so many books that I would love to re read I'm not sure why I didn't read these to my daughter I think she had so many books that we just never got around to it Little House in the Big Woods is the first book of the series and will always be my favorite but I did enjoy all of the books in the collection I tried to find the edition on here that looked most like what I remember and I think this is the same cover that was on my book I can clearly my mom reading it to me before I could read myself Sitting on my bed next to her watching as she read Once I was able to read it myself I picked it up again to read to her watching as her fingers slid underneath the words and helping me with the hard ones She mentioned the other day that it's one of her favorite memories too I loved all of the characters Laura Ma Pa Carrie and Mary as well as many others I dreamt of living in that little cabin in the woods and desperately wanted Laura Ingalls as a best friend The fun and adventures these children had along with their dog Jack was entertaining every time it was read to me or by me When it was turned into a TV show I was escastic I remember it was on every Sunday at 6pm on Channel 2 I was allowed to watch it while sitting in my dads lazy boy recliner and nothing could tear me away If I can't find my old books I will definitley buy another collection as I would love to re read them at some point Even writing this review has brought back great memories of these wonderful stories 3

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    I grew up with the Little House on the Prairie tv series but I didn't read any of the actual books until my son was about seven We read all nine books together and before we knew what was happening I was wearing a bonnet and we'd traveled to all of the Laura Ingalls Wilder historic sites in South Dakota Minnesota and Missouri I can only bless my son for his patience and grace that hot summer day as he stood politely over by a tree while I had an animated conversation and shared some hot tears with Laura at her grave in Mansfield MissouriWhen I read the series to my middle child she'd already seen the photos of her mother's and brother's Laura Ingalls adventures and she was ready to don the bonnet and aprons but I told her she needed to wait until her little sister had experienced the books and then we'd go together as a familyThis past week marked my youngest child's first exposure to the series this book being the perfect selection also for our “Wisconsin” entry of our Kids Read Across America projectTo be honest I didn't know how this particular reading experience was going to go This child my third child is my “Janis Joplin” She moves around uite a bit while I'm reading to her often humming or singing under her breath and she's the most challenging of my kids to engageFor the first several chapters of this book she kept saying “So that girl with the brown hair She's telling the story?” When I explained that yes this is Laura's story and it's a true story she would say “So she's still a girl?” When I explained that no she's not a girl any and she is in fact dead now my daughter became horrified and wondered how a dead woman wrote this story I'm not sure why we got stuck in this loop but we did For a couple of nightsEventually the story completely took over her senses and she absolutely loved it Loved it so much in fact she demanded to know when we were going to “Laura's house” like Ryan did when he was little She also said she doesn't want to read any states in our challenge she just wants to read this series Wow Can you believe after all of these years that this story of pioneer life in the 1870s is still so engaging to a modern child even despite the descriptions of Pa hunting and slaughtering animals for dinner?This will be my favorite memory of reading this classic to my youngest child when we got to the part where little Laura is sitting with her sister Mary there's this charming illustration of the sisters with their dolls I pointed out to my daughter that Mary had a rag doll made by her mother but Laura had only a corncob for a doll I explained “that's how things were back then Children didn't have as many things as you have now”I think my daughter was chomping on a big wad of gum at this moment and she pointed at the corncob doll and said “That? That piece of corn was her doll?”I said “Yep Can you imagine that being all you had?”She shook her head and said “Damn”I looked at her and said “ Damn? That's adult language honey Where did you learn that word?”She said “The other day Mommy you said to Daddy I can't get anything on this damn computer to work”Sigh Ma and Pa would be so proud wouldn't they??

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    An interesting interpretation of what life was like in 1871 There is discussion of what life was like with absolutely no technology This is a book children would definitely warm to than an adult in my opinion

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    This is the first book in the Little House Series and somewhat overlooked due to the popularity of the second book Little House on the Prairie I've read both and liked both; this volume being a wonderful introduction to Laura and the Ingalls familly I didn't read this series as a child but as an adult I've come to appreciate it's beauty and it's importance in the canon of American Children's Literature Some may say this is too simple for adults to appreciate and starting out it seems that way but the you read the you realize that Ingall's style is perfect for this type of story I'm glad I started the series and I look forward to reading Revised January 2018

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    This book was cute but kind of read like an instructional guide for six year olds on how to survive in the Wisconsin winter and i'm not sure where there's a market for instructional guides for six year olds on how to survive in the Wisconsin winter

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