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A More Perfect Way Problems and Solutions Now on three tapes or CDs, popular Pentecostal preacher turned Catholic convert Alex Jones explores the problems and solutions of the Christian life in the inspiring series, A More Perfect Way With powerful testimony from his personal experience of forty years as a Pentecostal Pastor, Alex Jones reveals how the treasures of the Catholic Church are the best kept secret in our country, and now he wants to share that secret with the world In Trail of Thorns, you ll explore the mystery of suffering and discover, while God does not send suffering, He also doesn t exempt us from suffering Alex reveals that whether we experience emotional, physical or spiritual pain, our suffering is redemptive because it is in our pain that God identifies with us and how God is the only One who can take the bad things that happen to us and turn them around Salt and Light Alex s next presentation is The Kiss of Reconciliation You ll come to a new appreciation of God s love and forgiveness as Alex uncovers how, in response to God s unconditional love, we are all called to holiness In fact, he reveals that each Catholic is called to share in Christ s role as prophet, priest and king You ll discover how, by virtue of our baptism and confirmation, each of us is called to speak for truth how we share in Jesus priesthood because we offer our lives as a living sacrifice and how, wherever we go in leadership, we must lead in righteousness and justice, because God is restoring justice in His church and in His people, and because we are God s light and God s saltFulfilled Pentecostal Finally in A More Perfect Way, you ll begin to see the Sacraments in new ways through the eyes of the self described fulfilled Pentecostal Alex powerfully reminds us, If you don t believe it, you can t receive it, but he insists that salvation does not come through faith alone Showing how God uses temporal things to communicate grace to His people, Alex Jones delivers a powerful testimony to Sacramental theology through stirring stories from the Bible that demonstrate how faith alone does not save us, rather it is faith received in and through the Sacraments that brings eternal life.

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