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Pundits from Pakistan On tour with India 2003 04 A cricketing romp through Pakistan In early 2004 the Indian cricket team set out for Pakistan Pundits describes the subseuent tour detailing the matches the moods the games and the players More than merely that though it is also a book about the first major sporting encounter between India and Pakistan in 15 years a period in which the two countries had fought one war and come close to another What emerges is a fascinating contemporary account of a beautiful game in its most crucial setting captured through the eyes of a young Indian discovering Pakistan uite frankly one of the best sports books I have ever read Rahul Bhattacharya is the guy you want in your company watching a cricket match because of his knowledge of the game but than that the entertaining way in which he will share his insights Off course the Partition and its conseuences is never far from any discussion of India and Pakistan and the author does not ignore this but keep on illustrating the complex relationship wherein the divide is constantly bridged by friendshipsrespect tolerance and accommodation of the other 455 As a teenager one of my favourite authors was Sunil Gavaskar Have read all his 4 books atleast twice Also Sunny Days was the first cricket tour diary that I read describing India's famous victory in an away series in West Indies in 1971 While Sunny Days allowed me to feel and share d excitement felt by d previous generation this book made me relive those iconic series wins over Pakistan in 2004 Also this is part travelogue where d author wanders into the street meeting ppl and former Pak cricketerscolumnistsThe book starts with a brief history of India Pak cricket and political background of this series And then it is a sophisticated match by match coverage interspersed with off the field happenings n travelogue The Tendulkar Dravid controversy over the Multan test declaration was covered in uite some depth Shoaib Akhtar's nautankis Inzy uotes Aaib Javed adir interview were all fun to read Commentary n sports writing is difficult how not to overstate d obvious without avoiding it altogether how to add valuable insights for d viewerreader This book has done it well My first cricket memory is undoubtedly Indian team touring Pakistan in 2004 This book is an amazing amalgam of cricket writing and travelogue The author uite glamorously weaves a complete story out of the 2004 tour while carefully setting the stage as to why this tour was important for both countries going through each and every match intricately and peppering the chapters with a few interviews here and thereThis book has basically three main facets 1 Travelogue This book can also be considered as a travelogue for Pakistan where we get to see a major chunk of day to day life in Pakistan through the eyes of the author He creates a certain milieu about each Pakistan city which he visited and the reader starts associating those characteristics with that particular city He also interacts with a lot of locals in each city so as to get a general understanding of the air around it In particular his vivid juxtaposition of Karachi and Bombay was stoking He describes the city of Multan like this ‘CHAR CHEEZE tofa e Multangard gada gurmee o goristan’ There are several English versions of this Persian doggerel The literal would be Four things have been gifted to us by MultanDust beggars heat and graveyards2 Cricketing Interviews The author has a knack for asking the right uestions and extracting the right answers from the person being interviewed He interviews a large number of Pakistani players of then past and present He drops by at Danish Kaneria's the only Hindu player in Pakistani team home for a chat and cheekily asks his family of which team do they support when India and Pakistan are playing against each other He talks with the fast bowler prodigy Aaib Javed and asks him the reason behind the formidable pace attack of Pakistan team since its conception Then he also interviews the leg spin legend Abdul adir at his academy and tries to eke out Pakistani secrets The only Indian cricketer he interviewed was Sourav Ganguly and I was left gasping for 3 Cricket Matches Whatever I say would not be enough about the graphic and evocative description of matches given by the writer It was almost like I was watching the matches with the eyes of my mind Since I am out of touch with cricket for a few years now I had to revise my fielding positions to make sense of the different shots played by the cricketers Hands down the author nailed this part of the book He describes player with such stimulating images sometimes funny that it pierces your heart Author on VVS Laxman Or put it this way strip away the context strip away the circumstances strip away the competition and all the rest of the stuff that really make sport strip it strip it strip it down to a man and a stick and nothing and the art of VVS barely resonates any lessAuthor on Sehwag's carefree style of playingSehwag was still in still paying heed to the voice of Rafi in his head ‘Barbadiyon ka sog manana fizul thaBarbadiyon ka jashn manata chala gaya’ Futile it was to mourn my ruinSo I kept on celebrating my ruin and accordingly raised fifty in fifty five balls with ten fours none badly hitIn short a great book for all cricket lovers and those who want re live those glorious days of Indian cricket One of the best cricket books I've readIn 2004an Indian cricket team was coming to Pakistan for a full tour after fourteen years Until thenPakistan had dominated India in bilateral matchesOn this tourthe tables were turnedThe most intense rivalry in cricket was resumed after a gap of five yearsThis book is part travelogueand Bhattacharya's impressions of Pakistani cities are very interestingThe descriptions of the cricket matches are also very well doneRefreshinglyit isn't jingoistic as a book of this sort could easily have becomeI found myself engrossedseldom have I found a cricket book so entertaining and in the Indo Pak contextso unbiased

  • Hardcover
  • 344 pages
  • Pundits from Pakistan On tour with India 2003 04
  • Rahul Bhattacharya
  • English
  • 17 August 2014
  • 9780330439794

About the Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

Rahul Bhattacharya was born in 1979 A cricket journalist since 2000 he is now a contributing editor with Wisden Asia Cricket and has been writing for the Wisden Almanack since 2003 when he compiled the series overview of India in England 2002 He also writes for the Guardian

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