My Country PDF µ Hardcover

  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • My Country
  • Melanie Dunea
  • English
  • 17 August 2014
  • 9781605296517

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    This was an interesting read in which the photographer was able to not only get intimate like pictures of famous country singers both past and modern but also to be able to do a little review in getting their insights into what makes country music what it is what their ultimate play experience would be if they had planned on being a musician and a few things And since each person is their own self there a lot of great answers while the ones that I highly look at had the answers that I would expect to come from them The writing was uick for the most part and very simple to read although there were a few times where it did get to be rather redundant Very occasionally the review uestions were out of the given order and as refreshing as it was to the reader's focal point there was almost no certain reason as to why they were out of order And each review finished with the picture of the singer while the end of the book also included a list of playlist songs favored by each artist There were a few things that I would have changed in the formatting of the book itself and that would be to have started off each interview with the picture of the artists and then have the review following it This would have provide a better focal point especially for those artists whom one may not have heard about or just heard their music playing And at the same time I would have kept for the first uestion the one about which song the artist really wished they had written themselves as it not only gives the reader a wonderful chance to get to know their favorite artists by what has touched them but also if you really want an enriching experience to have that song playing in the background as you read thus possibly helping you to find another new favorite or rediscover a song you may have enjoyed before but just didn't know who may have sung it Otherwise my only other hissy though with this particular uestion was that even though the artists mentioned the song it wasn't pursued in some cases as to which song version was the favorite influence to the artist thus when I went to hunt down the songs I leaned towards the country versions Otherwise this was a great read to get to know of the bigger names in country although some of the greatest singers such as Garth Brooks and George Strait weren't included Definitely a good read for any interested in country music April Challenge Reading Without Walls Read A Book In A Format That You Don't Normally Read For Fun Due to my interest and deep biblio curiosity there is very little book formatting that I haven't attempted to dip my toe into although I still avoid audiobooks as if they are the plague since I may as well watch a movie if I am going that route Instead the way as described in my review is actually a new experience of reading for me since I do better in reading without any technologic background sounds otherwise I end up getting way too distracted especially if the book isn't holding my attention

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My Country Award winning photographer and author of My Last Supper Melanie Dunea traces the through lines from country music's gritty roots to the chart topping chanteuses of today My Country presents beautiful imaginative and revealing photographs of icons ranging from Taylor Swift to Wynonna Judd to Little Jimmy Dickens alongside interviews that reveal the stars' musical roots and inspirationstheir defining moments and what makes country music the heart and soul of AmericaThis uniue book is a must own and a perfect gift for fans of the old time country twang and the millions who love the glitz and glamour of today's country pop My Country is a music lover's dream