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The Measure of a Lady In an attempt to review this book, I am a little bit at a loss for words For those of you who know the other books that I read, recommend and love, I can tell you that the humor is something similar to that found in novels of my beloved favorite author Mary Connealy The drama is amazing and the characters rip out your heart Easily, this novel is powerful, funny, and full of thoughtprovoking plot Throughout the entire story, I felt like I was right there along with our protagonist In so many of the situations, while she worked to finding a solution to a current dilemma, I would have just sat down and cried Through these three hundred pages, author Deeanne Gist has really woven together a story that makes you think about what you do in your own walk with Christ and realize the bits and pieces that might need a littletweaking and a bitBible Devotion There are people who will not appreciate this book because it may make them uncomfortable But it does it in a way that is really attempting to show what is the purpose behind our God breathed lives and I praise this book fully for what it is capable as accomplishing as a tool for good I highly recommend this book to young women and older women alike Especially those entering the romantic scene For younger girls however, I would not say to avoid the book, but to read it and be able to discuss it with a mother, sister, or older friend The writing is incredible and will leaving you thirsting forAt one point I had to put down the book while I was highly frustrated with a few particular characters and then I found myself irritated with my husband because of misplaced anger A book that can lead on into my own life is obviously powerful enough to make me think.*grin* I did not like this book at all Way too sensual for me Johnnie is constantly kissing and feeling Rachel, and in one instance when she tells him to stop, that she isn't interested in marrying him, he comes back with, I'll pressure you every day Some gentleman And yet in the end she decides to marry him It made me wonder if he really loved her or just lusted after her, because every time he was near her thoughts about her body raced through his mind I was also disappointed in Lissa, who doesn't seem to feel any guilt about her immoral living All she can think about is how she loves Mr Sumner, and how the prostitutes in town have all their finery Very disappointing read How can this be considered Christian fiction when it is so sensual? I will never be reading a book by Ms Gist again. Oh my sweet goodness! Deeanne Gist forever , my favorite author!Rachel van Buren, is a sonbonnet A woman who follows the God's rules to the t She arrives in San Francisco with two young siblings, who are now in her care When she gets to the new territory, she meets very handsome Jonnie Parker A gambler, who once was a missionary At the first the two cannot stand each other, but soon fall head over heels Anyway I won't ruin the ending I loved the story, because it teaches young Christians, how to go about sin ( When I mean you Christians I mean, anyone who is new to the faith.) How to teach people the difference between, judging the sin, and judging the sinner It's also a wonderful story of redemption!* I will warn you, if you do not like content with detailed kissing This is not the author for you Her books are blush worthy The men also go into detail, about lusting after the women She puts this content in her books, because it's an everyday struggle for humans.If you do not like Francine Rivers, you would not like this author I would say this book is for anyone above the age of 16 I have decided that Deeanne Gist is one of my new favorite authors This is the third book that I have read by her, and they are all exquisite A little like Eva Ibbotson's YA novels I just fall in love with the characters right off the bat and want what is best for them (in this case, each other) all the way through the book Rachel is a young woman/girl, recently orphaned with two younger siblings in tow, and stuck, literally, in the mud of frontier San Francisco And she is trying very, very hard to remain a proper young lady in a city of vice and sin Even though she's not at all certain what a proper lady is (though, she's fairly sure it isn't exactly related to her passion for collecting and cataloguing dead bugs) Johnnie is the remarkably wise, stubborn, and patient, runner of the most successful gambling den in town This is, dear reader, is a match made in the mud. This is far and away the most OBNOXIOUS book I have ever read The girl is the worst! THE WORST! Like, EVER!! Most of the time, I liked Rachel, but her blackandwhite view of the world drove me batty You either were a prostitute for life, or you were lily white, nothing in between.I could understand why Lissa saw her as a hypocrite At every new development, Rachel seemed to be redefining the way things worked in order to suit her If she lived purely by the standards she set for herself, there would not have been a single job she could have taken when they first arrived in San Francisco She justified cleaning and cooking in Johnnie's saloon by defining the saloon only as a hotel during her working hours, and by saying that she refused to be around Carmelita, a former prostitute who still dressed provocatively in order to distract gamblers into losingmoney Technically, the only thing she did during those early days that truly fit her high standards was the work she did caring for Johnnie's trees Had she really wanted to live a perfectly moral life, she would have married the naturalist.However, that doesn't mean Lissa's behavior didn't drive me crazy, too What Lissa didn't seem to realize was that the only thing that saved her and Rachel from being treated like common prostitutes was their status as sunbonnet women Being a sunbonnet woman meant that some things would bedifficult she and Rachel would have had to work much harder to earn a living However, by choosing not to act like a sunbonnet woman, she was opening herself up to a life where, if Sumner chose to, he could have basically acted as her pimp, sharing her with anyone willing to pay The thing that made him despicable was the joking he did shortly after he and Lissa first slept together, telling Johnnie that he might share her with him if he wished Gist later tries to make it seem that Sumner may actually be in love with Lissa, but I doubt it Lissa was an idiot, a fifteenyearold idiot who had a temper tantrum, smacking Rachel when she had the gall to remind her that Sumner hadn't kept the marriage vows he made to his wife, so how could he be expected to keep any promises to Lissa?In the end, what it came down to was Rachel remembering that Jesus consorted with and forgave lots of prostitutes, and her realization that it's not her job to set the moral standards for everyone all of that's between individuals and God All that mortals like her can do is try to give people who want to turn their lives around a place they can go to and people who will help and support them I can accept that.The historical aspects of this book were very interesting this is not a period of time I've read a lot about I knew a bit about the gold rush, but I didn't know about the specifics or what life was like Gist made that seem very real.As far as the humor goes, that starts at the very beginning, with the first line: This street is impassable, not even jackassable, which was apparently a real street sign I'm sure Gist's research was fascinating There was less and less humor as the book went on and people's lives started to fall apart, but I did like those early humorous bits.Overall, I liked this book enough that I'd read something else by Gist, and I certainly plan on reading Maid to Match.(Original review, with readalikes, posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.) I really enjoyed this book Its a wonderful storybut I'm a sucker for Christian romance It reminded me a lot of Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers The beginning of the book made the main character, Rachel, seem overbearing and selfrighteous As the story unfolds, however, you really start to see her character change and then it becomes easier to understand her Its a story of how God's love can change us for the better, if we let Him This is now my second favorite book and I think I might just read it again! Rachel van Buren arrives in Gold Rush San Francisco with two wishes: to protect her younger siblings and to return east as soon as possible Both goals prove difficult than she could imagine as her brother and sister are lured by the city's dangerous freedom and a missionaryturnedgambler stakes a claim on her heart Rachel won't give up without a fight though, and soon all will learn an eloquent but humorous lesson about what truly makes a lady *Speak Politely Even when you're the only respectable woman around, protesting the decadence of a city lost to gold fever *Dress Modestly Wear your sunbonnet at all times Ensure nobody sees your work boots muddied by the San Francisco streets *Remain Devoted to Family Protect your siblings from the lures of the city, even against their wishes *Stand Above Reproach Most difficult when a wonderful man turns out to be a saloon owner *Rise Above Temptation No, not even just a little kiss When these rules become increasingly difficult to uphold, can Rachel Van Buren remain a beacon of virtue in a city of vice? This was something really new for me and I absolutely enjoyed reading it There was something about it that I couldn't keep it down I liked the old era stuff and Rachel's struggle against the vices around her The hero being above 30 disturbed me(I am not used to of adult fic)but I pointedly ignored that part.Being 14 and 15, I think Lissa and Michael should be sensible enough to understand their sister's protectiveness I found them both really selfish at times.Overall, it was indeed a great, pleasant read. I have to say that this book left me feeling yucky It sort of took a magnifying glass to the bad in life, and made you look at it so close that you felt sick There was a lot in it (like maybe the statue in the saloon?) that I felt was inappropriate I do enjoy this author, but have to say I didn't really like this book Wouldn't recommend, especially to young ages There were scenes that I really enjoyed, and the cover is so desperately beautiful I love the dress :)

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